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Debbie Clelland's Presentation to the 2019 Meeting and AGM



On March 9 giftEDnz held our annual meeting and AGM where we were very fortunate to have Debbie Clelland present on: Identity development in the Gifted: One of many Diversities.  

"We know that giftedness is complex on its own, yet most people have several different types of identities that intersect to comprise their lived experience.  For example, one person may have an ethnicity, spirituality, and physical ability that are all intersecting with their giftedness to impact their identity.  This workshop looked at giftedness as one aspect of the experience of diversity, how this might lead to a feeling of “differentness”, and potentially to stigmatization.  We also examined ways to reflect on other types of diversities, and how to sort through and see which ones are most salient or need the most support at this time. Participants were invited to discuss the intersectionalities of diversities within their students/clients, and came away with tools to aid them in exploring and supporting self-understanding of multiple diversities within the gifted.

This workshop was led by Professor Debbie Clelland, a visiting teaching scholar from Adler University in Vancouver, Canada. Debbie is a registered clinical counsellor who holds a PhD in educational psychology. Her PhD research explored the needs of parents of gifted children, and she has also conducted research on acceleration policies and counselling families of gifted children. Debbie teaches in the counselling psychology program and values her role as a scholar teacher at Adler. Debbie is visiting New Zealand and Australia to learn more about different perspectives and experiences of being gifted, and to share her expertise with New Zealand professionals and families. 

During the workshop, there were opportunities for discussions which enabled participants to consider identity development from different angles, including culture, early development, schooling and research. This interactivity means the workshop participants were able to focus on what identity development means, how to apply it in different contexts, and the implications of identity development for practice."  Dr Nadine Ballam


Debbie Clelland's Presentation to the 2019 Meeting and AGM

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