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How to celebrate Gifted Awareness Week

What did you doing to celebrate Gifted Awareness Week this year?

giftEDnz celebrated this years Gifted Awareness Week (13-19 June) by:

What did giftEDnz do to celebrate last year?

In celebration of Gifted Awareness Week (15-21 June 2015), the Board of giftEDnz was involved in raising awareness through a range of initiatives.

To celebrate, giftEDnz:

Other national and regional organisations are also working hard to raise awareness of the needs of our gifted and talented children and young people, as well as the needs of the professionals working with them.

Some of these organisations are:

What will you do to celebrate the next Gifted Awareness Week?

Click here for a list of ideas our members and stakeholders can use to celebrate Gifted Awareness Week.

Read and share the Position Statements.

We encourage you to read the letter that was sent to Peter Hughes, the Secretary of Education, and to consider asking similar questions of your own local MP as part of our drive for advocacy in this special week of focusing on the needs of gifted and talented children in Aotearoa New Zealand.

The address you need to use is:

Member of Parliament (see or click here for a current list of MPs’ contact details).
Care of Distribution Services
Private Bag 18041
Parliament Buildings
Wellington 6160

No postage stamp is needed when you are writing as an individual to a Member of Parliament or a Minister. Postage is required if you are writing on behalf of an organisation.

Join or follow the #NZGAW Blog Tour. You can find out more about the blog tour, including how to join it, at  or follow the tour from the growing list of posts at

We are at a critical time in gifted and talented education and it is up to us, as educators, to make the difference!

Share with us your events, successes, ideas and stories to celebrate. Email

How to celebrate Gifted Awareness Week

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