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Poipoia a tātou tamariki ihumanea - Nurture our gifted children


Nāu mai, haere mai, welcome to Gifted Awareness Week 2020

Why do we celebrate Gifted Awareness Week?

Gifted Awareness Week is a time when we can grow awareness of our gifted individuals in our society, and celebrate the nature of giftedness with our wider communities.

We hold this event in honour of Professor George Parkyn, Aotearoa New Zealand's pioneering researcher of giftedness. To respect his memory, and celebrate what he worked to achieve, Gifted Awareness Week is always held in the week of his birthday, June 17th. 

We are excited to celebrate this week with you all, and share some of our thoughts on the theme of Gifted Awareness Week for this year - Wellbeing: A no limits approach. 

Throughout this week, a range of speakers will join us to discuss what gifted wellbeing means to them.

Keep checking our website daily to view the new videos as they are released. 

Join us in supporting our partners for Gifted Awareness Week:

The New Zealand Centre for Gifted Education


The New Zealand Association for Gifted Children


Professor Niamh Stack, University of Glasgow, discusses diversity, support, and relational approaches to gifted wellbeing. 

Dr Margaret Sutherland speaks on gifted wellbeing from Scotland, sharing her perspectives on a holistic approach to considering wellbeing. 


This video by Professor Tracy Riley explores how the wellbeing, giftedness, and the problems of our world are interconnected, and offers ideas about how we can respond to the 'wicked problems' of our era through an integrated approach to giftedness. 



Our first, introductory video from Andi Delaune (Ph.D.) considers the conceptualisation of wellbeing as a journey or a destination. In order to support the wellbeing of gifted individuals, Andi suggests that perhaps we need to consider how we conceptualise wellbeing alongside the concept of potential. 


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