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JUSTINE HUGHES: I am a teacher, innovator, creator and life-long learner who is passionate about helping students and teachers become excited about their own teaching and learning. My goal is to always put learners in charge of their own learning - no matter what their age.
I am passionate about blended learning and what the future holds for education around the world. How will these links form in teaching and learning? What will our classrooms look like in 10 years - 5 years?! Will we succeed in flattening the classroom learning environment and linking classrooms, schools and countries together in a digital environment?
I completed my Masters in 2015 and a Postgraduate Certificate in Digital and Collaborative Learning at The MindLab in 2016 and have started my PhD through the University of Otago, focusing on Gifted and Talented Education in Aotearoa New Zealand.
I have previously been an Online Community Developer for TeachThought and Co-founder of Te@chThought #reflectiveteacher chat with Beth Leidolf.

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